Sought Recipes For Making Bath Bombs

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To make 4 you need, 1 cup bicarbonate soda, cup citric acid powder, (available at supermarkets in baking aisle), tsp sweet almond oil, 6 drops essential oil of your choice, 8-12 drops food colouring of your choice, dried rose petals, potpourri, dried herbs or flowers, mould, You will find moulds at most craft shops.

To make the base, mix the bicarb of soda and citric acid powder in a large bowl until well combined. If adding dried flowers, pot pourri or herbs, stir them in. In a bowl combine the essential oil, sweet almond oil and food colouring. Put this into the base mix and stir quickly to prevent immediate fizzing.

Work the liquid into the dry ingredients with your fingertips until the mixture sticks together and is then ready to place into moulds. To assist in the setting of the bath bomb, wipe some almond oil around the inside of the mould. Fill the mould with the mixture and press in firmly. Set aside for 24 hours. To release the bomb from the mould, turn it over and tap firmly. To store, wrap in plastic wrap. And to use, simply drop one into the bath water and it will start to fizz.


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