Single estate olive oil

COBRAM estate extra virgin oil has been ranked among the best Virgin oil because it has healthy elements such as balanced fatty acid and oleocanthal levels and polyphenols. Total polyphenols indicate antioxidant-rich award-winning, Harvested, From tree to table that are known to support a healthy immune system, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and lowers blood pressure. On the other hand, Oleocanthal has inflammatory properties. Therefore, high quality should contain natural vitamins and antioxidants. Over the years COBRAM has earned most awards which have contributed largely to its success. It comes in three taste preferences which include:-

  • Robust-this is delicious and has a dominant flavour which can be used making sauces.
  • Classic-it is ideal for everyday use with its aromatic flavour.
  • Mild-It is used preferably for baking because of its mild taste.

Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with various labels of olive oil to know what you are buying.

Olive Oil has the most Polyphenols

Olive oils are known to have high Polyphenols levels to provide the required health benefits. Research has shown that virgin olive oils have natural polyphenols ranging between 50-5000 mg/kg. Additionally, EVOOs are regarded to be the highest quality olive oil range between 100-250 mg/kg polyphenols. Extra virgin olive oils have complied with EU health claim that has over 250 mg/Polyphenols are responsible for the pungent and bitter tastes in olive oil.

They are found in the highest level when the olive fruit is not fully ripe. Those olive oils with a more pungent smell and bitter taste have more Polyphenols. When purchasing olive oil you should check on the label of the bottle to know the content of Polyphenols though they drop as olive oil ages. Therefore, when choosing the olive oil you can look at the country of origin, harvest date, dark bottle and quality, and nutritional values. Therefore, it is to say that Extra virgin oils have the highest polyphenols content.

They are rich in antioxidants. They also help in reducing cardiovascular diseases. It will also protect users against stroke. If you are passionate about cooking then it is the best cooking oil because it makes your food more nutritious. Therefore, olive oil contributes to health and longevity.

Best olive oil to buy.

Knowing the best oil to buy is the first consideration that you need to undertake if you want to have the required health benefits. Therefore, if you have never tried out Nullamunjie extra virgin oil then you are missing out from the real deal. It is normally available in 2-litre casks and 500 ml bottles. Therefore buying a bottle of Nullamunjie olive oil because it is economical. It is stored in cask to protect the precious oil from oxygen, light, and heat. It is always recommendable to store the olive oil in a cool and dark place to retain its quality. Therefore, if you are looking for the best oil then Nullamunjie is the best option that you can go for.

Which Brands are Real Olive Oil

Knowing which brand of olive oil is important to establish which is real and fraudulent. Before we take a look at the brands which are real olive oil the following are some consideration:

  • Don’t buy light olive oil
  • Look for a seal from the International olive oil council
  • Real olive oils are sold in dark bottle to protect them from oxidation

The following are the real olive oils

  • Bariani olive oils-it is unfiltered, decanted and cold-pressed olive oil which produces the best olive oil.
  • Costco olive oil-You can purchase this at Costco.
  • California Olive Ranch-It is an award-winning brand that is found in a tinted glass bottle and it is 100%made from California.
  • Bertoli olive oil it is made from organic olives producer from organic farming standards.
  • Olea Estates-Grown in Greece and it comes with great taste.
  • Whole Foods California 365 olive oil-It is cold processes unfiltered Californian oil.
  • Mc Evoy Ranch organic-this is also made from California which is among the highest-scoring brands.


Olive oils present a lot of health benefits and that is why it is worth having In your cabinet. It has lots of health benefits which helps users to have a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is important to purchase new right olive oil.

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