Olive Oil Vs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We often see chefs use extra virgin olive oil and regular olive as they cook. In times like this, we often wonder what makes extra virgin olive oil and regular olive oil different. To know the answer, read on, the difference is far simpler than you think.

Olive oil and extra virgin olive oil: Difference explained

The difference between fresh olive oil and extra virgin olive oil relies on their purity.

Olive oil is a liquid made from the extract of olives, a traditional tree crop used in the Mediterranean basin. Olive oils are made by grinding the olive fruits into a paste and then extracting the oil using cold-pressed methods or by regular processing methods. Regular olive oils in the market are a blend of cold-pressed olive oil and processed olive oil. Compared to extra virgin olive oil, regular olive oil are inferior in taste, aroma, and the magic that it gives to food.

On the other hand, extra virgin olive oil is still made with olives the only difference is that they are purer compared to regular olive oil. Olive extracts that are made into extra virgin olive oil are purely cold-pressed. This means that they are ground into a paste and the oil is then extracted through the most natural means without using chemicals or heat. This ensures that the finished product retains a beautiful colour, a solid taste and a wonderful smell which in many aspects is more superior to regular olive oil.

Authentic Olive Oils

Determining the most authentic olive oils depends upon preference and personal taste. Still, to give an example I will share some of my most favourite olive oil brands. Authentic olive oil brands are as follows

  • Bariani Olive Oil
  • Cobram Estate Olive Oil
  • California Olive Ranch
  • Ottavio Olive Oil
  • Lucero Olive Oil

The best extra virgin olive oil

These brands are the most trusted extra virgin olive oil brands in the market as of the present. Personally, there are two brands that I love and I will provide you with some product reviews about them. The others will be honourable mentions which google users recommend

  • La Tourangelle Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

This brand uses top-quality olive oil grown in Spain and is packaged in California. It has a perfectly balanced taste that strays away from the overpowering taste of most olive oils. This premium taste all kinds of cooks, from novice to professionals, to create wonderful distinctive dishes. I love to use this oil for grilling meat, and for preparing pasta.

  • Ellora Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Honourable Mentions

  • Kasandrinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Giusto Sapore Infused Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Pompeian Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil and regular olive oil are both made with olives. Just put in mind that their difference lies in their purity and of course their prices.

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