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Feijoada Completa

Rice, black beans, pork, cassava flour, kale (couve) and orange slices.

Only: $12.00

Feijao Tropeiro (only on Tuesdays)

Rice, brown beans, portuguese sausage, eggs, kale (couve), bacon and cassava flour.

Only: $8.00

Frozen Feijoada

Black beans and pork. Enjoying feijoada became easy and simple.

Only: $8.00

Frozen Beans

Brown or black beans frozen. The best complement for your meal.

Only $6.00

Farofa Yoki | Cassava Flour

Cassava flour (Yoki) - 500 grams.

500g: $4.00

Guarana Antarctica

Brazilian soft drink - 350 ml

Can: $2.50

Toddy Chocolate Drink

One of the most popular chocolate mixers in Brazil.

400g Pack: $6.20

Pilão Coffee

Café Pilão represents the home-style Brazilian coffee with ambiguous flavour character & fermented fruit notes.

250g Pack: $6.50

Paçoquinha | Sweet Peanut Rolls

A very traditional Brazilian sweet.

16 mini rolls pack: $9.90

Goibada | Guava Paste

Guava paste has a full sweet flavour & beautifully smooth texture.

500g pack: $6.50

Pão de Queijo Mix | Cheese Bread Mix

You will enjoy a very popular and delicious Brazilian bread.

250g: $5.60

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